Figure Drawing 8: All Draw-gs Go to Heaven

I may not be able to beat this title. But that won't stop me from trying.

This session was a bit of a struggle. Sometimes you got it, sometimes you don't. Hopefully in the future they can just install something in your brain where you can just click it on and get in the zone. It would make life a lot easier.


My little guy turned 30 today! Who's a big boy?! Yes you are!

I can't be there for the momentous occasion this weekend, my liver is secretly filled with relief...instead of filthy amounts of alcohol, but if only there was a Journey song that could express the way I was feeling better than I could in words. Oh:


Merry Pigmas!

A Christmas card to end all Christmas cards!

Sadly I won't be back in NY to see this little guy on his first birthday. I am a bad person and I will just have to learn to live with that shame. However, I had to make this (even though I really don't like Christmas) as penance. And I mean, come on, if you owned a pig wouldn't you dress her up as Rudolph? I would.

So Pete, Jess, Liam and Lola have a very merry pigmas!

xoxo sincerly, me

Game Over: Return of Ganon

Zelda II is the best Zelda game because that's the one I played as a child and no amount of reason or logic will dissuade me from this absolute truth. When I think of the zelda franchise 'II' is the first game that comes to mind. And when I think of 'II' I think of the game over screen, because I saw it constantly.

I'm currently playing through the new Zelda. All I can say is; if you have a 3DS you should pick it up. Seriously.

I'm talking about practice

I study more now than I ever did when I was in school. I suppose more than zero isn't really all that much. But hey, can't knock positive yardage.

Looking through my copy of Classic Human Anatomy by Valerie L. Winslow and trying to work on facial features. Next week, hands. The fear is in me already.

Seamus is the Coolest Dude Ever

I've never beaten the first Metroid. There, I said it.

Samus is still pretty cool though. I mean, a space bounty hunter who isn't a gruff bald man in a dark space suit. Sure, she is a silent protagonist (well, most of the time), but we will give her a pass.

Plus, arm cannon, so yeah.

Figure Drawing

I haven't been to a figure drawing class since 2007. I don't know why it took me so long to get my ass in gear. I wasn't even sure I was going to go today, but I'm glad I did. After two and a half hours of drawing I am having trouble lifting my arm...fuckin' out of shape man.

Started with quick gestures to warm up, then got into the longer poses. Props to the model. Don't know how she stood up there for so long. I sat the whole time and I feel like I need a nap.

I want a lightsaber for xmas

If you can draw yourself as a star wars character, the real question isn't why would you, but why wouldn't you.

The great thing about drawing is that even when you are screwing around instead of doing work you can always just call it practice. "Oh, this my little pony/ghengis khan bubble bath fanart? Just honing my craft."

Not a bad deal.