Figure Practice 4


Figure practice is like a workout with no sweating or being out of breath...unless you count how winded you get when you stand up from the couch. And let's not forget the muscle aches you get from using your flabby arms to wipe cheez-it flakes off your rotund belly. So it's nothing like working out.

Figure Practice


Some random figure practice. Gotta make those drawing gains (right @TheRyanGains?). Using this reference site to cycle through pics. 5 minutes for each image. I may have paused it on the pirate one because I liked it so much. Saw Sycra do this and it seems like good pracitce.



A little warm-up sketch to get loose. I am trying my best to put up quick little things like this a few times a month. These don't really have to be pretty finished pieces, just a sort of art stream of conciousness. It would be really sweet if Sketchbook Pro could just auto upload to squarespace, but maybe I should just stop being lazy and upload everything I draw in there onto this blog. Baby steps though.

I'm really enjoying these synthetic brushes in SB pro. Each stroke feels unique, something that is very much lacking with other digital brushes. And no cleanup required. What's not to like?