What do You Mean? This *is* My Real Hair Color.



After drawing on a screen for so long going back to drawing on a tablet where you aren't looking at your hand is still kind of weird. The upside is that my hand never gets in the way, but it's so hard to get strokes to come out correctly.

It is nice using photoshop an my desktop though. Now I'm playing with power.

Visit the Abzu


According to the Sumerians the Abzu was the great freshwater ocean that the world floated upon. It was thought to be the source of all freshwater and was worshipped. Of course they also dumped poop into their rivers...so...not totally reverent, I guess.

I imagine I will come back to this one to do more work on it. Time will tell.

Gentleman Godzilla

You should watch Morning Drawfee. It's great.

I drew this while watching their live-stream, based on an audience members suggestion. I may start asking FB for suggestions and doing more of these. They are quick and fun and most inportantly: not work that I should be doing (I'm just guessing that that is how a colon should be used).

A Reference to Congo

"Stop eating my sesame cakes!"

I have been trying to post this for 4 hours now. My heart isn't in the pitiful attempt at comedy that I would normally consider adequate. I now hate gorillas. In fact, all primates might want to avoid me in the near future. I hope you enjoy this image, because I don't.

Good day!  -_-#


My little guy turned 30 today! Who's a big boy?! Yes you are!

I can't be there for the momentous occasion this weekend, my liver is secretly filled with relief...instead of filthy amounts of alcohol, but if only there was a Journey song that could express the way I was feeling better than I could in words. Oh:


Merry Pigmas!

A Christmas card to end all Christmas cards!

Sadly I won't be back in NY to see this little guy on his first birthday. I am a bad person and I will just have to learn to live with that shame. However, I had to make this (even though I really don't like Christmas) as penance. And I mean, come on, if you owned a pig wouldn't you dress her up as Rudolph? I would.

So Pete, Jess, Liam and Lola have a very merry pigmas!

xoxo sincerly, me

Game Over: Return of Ganon

Zelda II is the best Zelda game because that's the one I played as a child and no amount of reason or logic will dissuade me from this absolute truth. When I think of the zelda franchise 'II' is the first game that comes to mind. And when I think of 'II' I think of the game over screen, because I saw it constantly.

I'm currently playing through the new Zelda. All I can say is; if you have a 3DS you should pick it up. Seriously.

Seamus is the Coolest Dude Ever

I've never beaten the first Metroid. There, I said it.

Samus is still pretty cool though. I mean, a space bounty hunter who isn't a gruff bald man in a dark space suit. Sure, she is a silent protagonist (well, most of the time), but we will give her a pass.

Plus, arm cannon, so yeah.

I want a lightsaber for xmas

If you can draw yourself as a star wars character, the real question isn't why would you, but why wouldn't you.

The great thing about drawing is that even when you are screwing around instead of doing work you can always just call it practice. "Oh, this my little pony/ghengis khan bubble bath fanart? Just honing my craft."

Not a bad deal.



A little warm-up sketch to get loose. I am trying my best to put up quick little things like this a few times a month. These don't really have to be pretty finished pieces, just a sort of art stream of conciousness. It would be really sweet if Sketchbook Pro could just auto upload to squarespace, but maybe I should just stop being lazy and upload everything I draw in there onto this blog. Baby steps though.

I'm really enjoying these synthetic brushes in SB pro. Each stroke feels unique, something that is very much lacking with other digital brushes. And no cleanup required. What's not to like?