I'm talking about practice

I study more now than I ever did when I was in school. I suppose more than zero isn't really all that much. But hey, can't knock positive yardage.

Looking through my copy of Classic Human Anatomy by Valerie L. Winslow and trying to work on facial features. Next week, hands. The fear is in me already.

808 Love - A.K.A. "DRAW A PICTURE OF ME!!!!"

 "it will make you millions when im famous for something..."


DRAW A PICTURE OF ME!!!! That was a message I got on facebook April 2, 2009. I work slowly. Like, sometimes I wake up and there are polar bears on me. I move that glacially.

As you can tell from the progress image. I tend to have trouble capturing a persons likeness. For the most part the final image though still rough looks like my friend Mikey. I considered drawing a picture of us doing our cheesiest smiles (It's like our secret handshake), but I settled on this picture. The expression really makes the image.  Wanted to render this one out more but I unfortunately real work calls.

I hope you like it Mikey. Now please become famous so we can both be rich.


Your eyes are where?


Shay Maria...will you marry me? Bring your stupid glasses. Another work in progress. I like to bounce between multiple projects to keep from getting bored. It helps to look at something different for awhile then come back to a piece so you can see the flaws. 

A Whale of Tale


Work in progress of a friend of mine. Super saturated because I forgot to convert it to RGB from CMYK. I won't make that mistake when I post the final. This is something we will just have to deal with for now. Tough noogies.

Update: RGB....I caved

Master Study One


Part of my master study of Aleksander Ivanov's "The Aparrition of Christ to the People". Close up of John the Baptist (which would be a cool mafia name). Thanks to Google for putting together GoogleArtProject. This painting is massive and the detail that you can see with GoogleArtProject is really impressive. 

A few hours in and started on my desktop with my Intuos 4 then worked on at the library with my laptop and Graphire. I left my house for a few hours, believe it!