The Canyon


Just a quick sketch of some explorers in a canyon. Haven't posted in a while so I figure I should get something up here. I plan on adding more stuff soon. All different random stuff.

Hopefully I will be able to post some of the other stuff I have been working on lately.  Just want to get things a little further along the line before I break that stuff out.

Daft Punk is Playing at my House Part 2


I don't know how much more work I am going to put into this. I should really be doing other, more important, things. Maybe this is good for now. I say that knowing full well that I will probably start working on something else and then go back to this five minutes later.  Hey as long as its some kind of illustration its fair game, right? Right?

Pernod Absinthe


My entry for a contest held by Pernod. Unfortunately I didn't win the prize of $1,805. To make up for it I spent that much on a new Asus Eee Slate EP121 (Cause why not, right?). Now that it's over and I don't have to worry about a deadline I may go back and fix everything that bugs me about it. After I finish that space piece....

Daft Punk is Playing at my House


Yet another work in progress? Sure, why not. I started listening to Daft Punk to try an get in the mood to finish my space piece. Just needed to get this one little idea out first. Just a few minutes to sketch it out. That's all. I mean it. 

Two hours later and I have redrawn them 5 times and the anatomy still eludes me. Clearly I haven't been studying hard enough. I will have to rectify that mistake tomorrow.  I'll need to work a little harder on my lighting studies as well. Now that it's written down I may even remember to do it all. 

Then I will finish that space piece...

Welcome to the World of Tomorrow!


Go watch Futurama if you don't get that headline. Seriously, you're embarrasing yourself. Space! Where up is down and left is still the wrong hand to write with. Which is proably what this gun fight (LASERS!!) is about. The third piece that I am working on right now. Not counting "IRL" work. I am sorry for typing that acronym, but I won't take it back. I plan to finsih these all soon so look for completed work here and in my gallery when they are ready. 

Your eyes are where?


Shay Maria...will you marry me? Bring your stupid glasses. Another work in progress. I like to bounce between multiple projects to keep from getting bored. It helps to look at something different for awhile then come back to a piece so you can see the flaws. 

A Whale of Tale


Work in progress of a friend of mine. Super saturated because I forgot to convert it to RGB from CMYK. I won't make that mistake when I post the final. This is something we will just have to deal with for now. Tough noogies.

Update: RGB....I caved